Friday, 9 November 2007

Low light

Funny how many cats seem to be sitting on the side walk on my way to/from work these days. Must be the weather. It's getting nice and toasty in the sun (and of course the sun is happily up till about 8pm :|). Except when the wind blows. I was told the other day that the only time there's snow in WA is October! Umm, that would be surprising because that's the beginning of summer /:). Something to do with the cold winds blowing up from the Antarctic...

Why am I indulging in this weather report? Dunno. Oh, I got my Kiwi visa! Well, supposedly. My passport's on it's way back to Perth, but I've not actually been told yet whether the visa stamp lies within or not :|. But it won't be getting here till Monday, so yet another delaying of flights. Oh well, at least I managed to finally inform my boss of my intention of taking a nice long break over the new year. No office :D, hopefully a look around South Island, a longish visit to the old city, and a wedding :D. Actually I kinda just mentioned it in passing, half hoping he wouldn't notice :P. He did notice, and was quite nice about it :). So there, now just for another million other tiny little details left to fall in place, and voilà!

Saw The Motorcycle Diaries, and was duly impressed by the scenery. :D Awright, there was more but the best part I thought was how genuinely funny it was in parts. Oh and the bit around Machu-Picchu was totally awesome!! I keep being presented with these awesome reasons for the Trident to go get that job offshore Columbia!!!! Unfortunately just today the country manager (whose desk I'd been happily using the last week while he was away :P) gave us a nice lengthy presentation which firmly established the fact that the Trident is in fact not going anywhere outside Australia for a long long time if he has his way :-<. Except for the little excursion down to Kiwiland that is (looking forward to the famed horrific weather :P). Oh well, there's a course in Bogotá that I can go for :P.

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Anu said...

Hmm. I've never looked at the house from that angle :)

kray said...

it's all in the perspective :P