Saturday, 8 December 2007


Finally a little bit of time :). Ten straight days on the back-deck make for a miserable life to be honest. Add to that the prevailing weather conditions, and it is not surprising that I have felt genuinely depressed at times over these last few days. But, the end is in sight, and while we might be back out in the deep freeze before too long, the respite, however short, is more than welcome.I took the break to put up the rest of my Bluff pics on the photoblog. (After like ages I know! But I was dying here in the mean time.. so :|.) Going through the photographs put me in a good mood, as is usual :). But try as I may, even I have to admit that nothing beats the real thing. Even when you may have been there, done that. 'Cos the memory fades, and the joy is but a fast attenuating impulse that everything around is trying so hard to snuff out as quickly as possible :-<.

Feeling: deflated
Listening to: Joshua Radin - These photographs

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