Monday, 24 March 2008

Little things give you away

Sometime not so long back, during a catch-up conversation with a couple of friends I was meeting after a long time, I remember bitching about the fact that no one seems to pay any attention to conversation these days. What I meant was that most people seem too wrapped up in their own worlds most of the time to really be listening to what others might have to say.

Not necessarily an entirely bad thing of course. Especially for those of us with an affinity for putting their foot in their mouth. Say, you could be starting off with something, and then realise after the first few words were out what a monumental jackass you were about to make of yourself, and sort of trail off... Of course quite often people would in fact notice the ensuing silence, and possibly the deer-caught-in-headlights look on your face. But with any luck, you could always go, 'Hey, so did you catch the Liverpool [alternatively insert EPL/ La Liga/ Serie A etc. team of choice] game last weekend?! Shame, eh?' :|

Getting back to said conversation, I was almost immediately made to realise that I was quite often guilty of the same thing myself. I'd sort of promised to myself then, I'd put in some effort to rectify the situation. Instead, a few months down the line I notice myself expertly carrying off conversations without absolutely any clue whatsoever as to the content. (Obviously, all of the content being supplied by the other party.)

Am I particularly mortified? Not really... People seem to be doing worse all the time. Heh, sometimes I'm really thankful that this blog has as tiny a readership as it does.

Looks like this is -pointless introspective bollocks being spewed for no good reason- day.

Different people seem to deal with their lives, and more specifically their troubles in different ways. Eventually, more often than not, none of those ways seem to be entirely perfect, naturally. However, when any of those ways involves other people, who each have their own troubles, we are very likely merely compounding all our troubles.

I like the sound of that last bit :D, sounds particularly nutty :P. Be that as it may, the point (oh yes, there is a point) is that I can never see how discussing other people's troubles, their ways of handling (or trying to handle) their problems, or who those methods may involve, can ever be a source of anything constructive to those completely and utterly unconnected in any way to said troubles.

Given the time since I last saw a new movie, by now there's quite a large number of movies on my -would like to see when I can- list. And even a few on my -almost definitely must see, hopefully sometime soon- list. The latter would have to include the now-Oscar winning No Country for Old Men, The Bucket List and 2 Days in Paris. The last being Julie Delpy's directorial debut. I've actually never seen her in anything but Before Sunrise/ Sunset.

Incidentally, all three were showing on one flight or other on my way back to Kolkata. Thankfully (?) I resisted the urge to destroy the experience by trying to make out the picture and dialogue from the stupid in-flight video systems on both flights. As mentioned earlier, I picked Hitman instead.

Ah yes, something I thought I absolutely had to put down in writing. Caught a re-run of the VH1 Storytellers featuring Coldplay sometime recently. The fact that arguably the best song from Parachutes got its name from the yellow pages was something I heartily wish I had never found out :-<. There are times I absolutely hate TV.

Like the time when, years ago, Shankar Mahadevan clarified on some morning show that Breathless was not in fact sung all in one breath. Oh come on! I'm not saying I actually believed that the song had been sung all in one breath in the first place! But when the singer goes on national television and declares the truth of the matter, it becomes somewhat more difficult to wonder what if...

In the mean time, I haven't managed to get quite as much reading done as I'd hoped.

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