Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Clouds and linings, silver or otherwise

It' a good thing that for once we didn't have to head straight out to the back deck when we got back to the boat. (Oh, yeah I'm back on the boat.) But that didn't stop these last couple of days being insanely tiring. Now why I could hardly last till 3 pm before passing out since getting back onboard, despite the work situation being spectacularly chilled out, I don't really know. My usual bed time is closer to between 5 and 6 :|.

It might of course have something to do with the highly protracted travel to work. By the time I got to Singapore, I'd already been on a couple of 2.5 hour flights, and the 7 hour stopover in Bangkok in between :|. Of course, free Wi-Fi rocks, and that kinda' made things somewhat bearable :). But for all that time, I still had to rush to my gate on the way out of Suvarnabhumi thanks to a couple of frighteningly incompetent ground staff :|.Singapore was nice, especially since I've found this one place that makes absolutely awesome real fruit smoothies :D. I'd brought along enough books to easily last me way longer than this trip, but after heading into almost every book store I passed by, I succumbed to the temptation and bought another bunch.

I managed to stay away from the new Jhumpa Lahiri book. It happens to be another compilation of short stories, only, this time they aren't quite as short... Instead, I picked up Nick Hornby's About a Boy. Yes, the movie was based on the book. I liked the movie, a lot actually, so let's see how the book does. And while I was at it, got another couple of Asimovs as well :-<. On the up-side, I'm almost done with A Game of Thrones, and planning to take Histrionix's advice and not go rushing through the rest of the books and end up waiting for the last one :). So the number books I own and haven't read will hopefully soon drop a little from the -oh my God this is insane- levels.

Once on the super-long SINCHC flight, and with no sleep apparent, I decided to give Juno a watch. Liked it, and was quite impressed by Ellen Page. It is actually pretty funny for the most part. The dad was totally awesome :D. And then I finally gave in to temptation and went for 2 Days in Paris. Partly 'cos I was rather sceptical of availability in stores and even more sceptical of the actual chances of it showing at a theatre near me :|. It wasn't bad or anything, just a little bit all over the place... sort of. Of course, it didn't help that I was constantly drawing parallels with Before Sunset. Although, there are definitely more similarities than the location. Oh well, I'm glad that I did see it though.For once we weren't actually staying in Christchurch, but taking a flight straight to Invercargill. Past non-starting aircraft engines, and missed luggage (not mine) and lounging on the terrace 'viewing-gallery' we finally got to our hotel in Invercargill late in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I knew if I did go to sleep right then, dinner would be history by the time I woke up. So by the time I did get to sleep, there wasn't a lot of time left for the 5 am start :-<. This was another one of those ferry crew changes and I did try to sleep on the way, but the seats were most uncomfortable. On top of that there was the bone chilling cold :(. It was a small comfort, but I did get to drive this time. And since then, while I've been awake enough on shift, as soon as I'm off, this absolute exhaustion engulfs me and that's it for the rest of my day :|. Oh well, by the looks of it this job might just be over before long, and then it's the transit back to Oz!

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