Sunday, 25 May 2008


It's drizzling in Frankfurt. I had to get a cup of coffee to get this seat next to the glass, they didn't have milkshakes :-<.

Okay so this is basically a rant (yes even more so than most other posts :|). The flight to Delhi wasn't too bad. Except for more proof of the extent to which Jet Airways go to circumvent the traffic snarl at the domestic end. They actually park their domestic flights almost smack in front of the international terminal, and make you travel all the way from there in that shuttle bus. Ditto for luggage. Only, when you are travelling with an international connection, you pick up you luggage at the domestic terminal and then promptly look for ways to retrace the trip you just made :|.

Of course on this particular night I was around, so three of the four buses that are run by the airport folks for transit passengers decided to go missing. I kid you not!! When I got to their desk, the people were frantically trying to locate one of the buses and another two had chosen to go on a refuelling trip without telling anyone :|. Thankfully I had enough time. Or so I thought. I'd obviously never seen the queues for immigration at IGI. Plus I seemed to be the perfect person to pick when closing a queue. That is, they saw it fit to close a queue just after the person ahead of me :|. Twice X-(.

Cut to the flight, and the most unruly boarding I have ever experienced! (And mind you I've experienced boarding for low priced domestic flights from Bombay where they don't issue seat numbers :|.) This turned out to be one of those super jumbos, twin decks and four engines and all that, but I managed to land a middle seat and there was no in-flight video! 8 hours, middle seat, no in-flight video. How could you possibly make it worse? Have one of those fixed reading lights, the ones that you can't shift to suit yourself, and then have it stuck at a wrong angle. No lights. No reading, no writing. Well I guess with absolutely nothing else to do I did get a fitful few hours of sleep and am not quite the sleep deprived wreck I expected to be :|.

And now Franfurt with a large cup of excessively sweetened coffee gone cold (which isn't that bad actually) and I'm wondering why I paid this obscenely exorbitant amount of money for wireless internet :|. Ah yes, I should mail my mum. Unlike the other places I usually travel to for work, I don't have a phone number in Asker yet and no clue as to the phone/internet situation at the staff apartment I'm supposed to stay in. (If and when I do manage to find it, hopefully later today.) I should also go see if that insane crowd in front of passport control's thinned a bit.

in transit
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