Saturday, 24 May 2008


This is beginning to go beyond coincidence :|. Visas and me, and the invariable trouble involved in me trying to actually get one /:). Let me explain the latest in an ever lengthening list of incidents.

As I'd mentioned, my application for the Norway entry visa sat with its feet up on the Royal Norwegian Consul's desk in Kolkata for almost a week before even getting sent to the New Delhi embassy. And then it took a good two days to get there! The person I unfailingly got at the other end of the line there finally seemed to take pity on me when she heard that I was supposed to leave in 2 days :|. However, having been put on hold in the morning, when I called up a little past midday, I was told that the visa section had closed for the week!!!

I had already started reeling off calls all over the place to get my flights delayed, when I got a call back! It was Thursday, and they'd finally received my application. To my extreme amazement, they promised to stamp my passport and send it back the very same day! Come Friday evening, I finally had the passport back, and guess what? It's a single entry 1 week visa :)). Well, that's all it was supposed to be, but the amount of trouble I have to go through for the little things :-<. So yeah, I'm finally heading off to Asker tonight. For the first time since December '05, and yes, this means bye bye Perth, except for crew changes :). And hello really really long hours of daylight :D.

Oh, I'd missed out on a significant bit of news the other day :P. I finally got some first hand experience on a Canon EOS. Wasn't particularly impressed to be honest :|. Especially with the lens, which was the basic kit 18-55 mm job. The good thing is, that was a 350D (XT), so there's still hope that the XSi would fare better. I'm hoping to find out sooner rather than later...

Oh! And have I mentioned?! I've finally started with book two of A Song of Ice and Fire \:D/ (before I completely forget the first book entirely :|). I was lugging it along with me all over the place the whole trip, but only yesterday actually started reading it. Lesse how long this one keeps me occupied.

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