Monday, 16 June 2008


Generally one would be inclined to be depressed when surrounded by other depressed people. No? I don't know, it's been a rather funny (weird, not ha-ha :|) sort of a week. And no better (I hardly think that's the best way of putting it actually, but anyway..) place to find yourself depressed people than in a work boat, cleaning barnacles off streamers.

I'm getting better at this driving thing actually. Was at it for a good 5 hours or so at a stretch yesterday! Have a strained left shoulder to show for it :|. At least I didn't get all smelly and slimy and all that. The couple of trips before that weren't so great actually. Weather was quite on the wrong side of marginal, and I had a few moments. Not the memorable kind.

Have been watching a whole bunch of movies, there seem to be loads of new ones on board this time :D. I wouldn't say they've all been superb cinematic experiences, but since we've taken to watching them in rather large groups in the theatre, there's always the fall back option of collectively dissing the actors, the directors, or whoever / whatever else we can think of. Can be quite an entertaining exercise.

They've also got us one of those Wii things this time :D. And there's a Wii bowling competition on these days :P. Yes we do need these means of entertaining ourselves out here. I actually managed to win my first match :P. Quite an achievement since I've never been bowling, on a Wii or otherwise :P. Of course, it might have helped that neither had my opponent :D.

So that's more or less the weekly news from us on the Western Trident, thank you for reading. Ta!

Currently: bored :|
Listening to: Enrique Iglesias - Escape (too many women on shift :-<)

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