Monday, 2 June 2008

Coffee and TV

An unfortunate pair to have significantly influencing one's life :-<. And that's exactly what's been happening to me these days. For some mysterious reason my daily coffee intake has absolutely sky-rocketed. As have the hours of TV viewing. Okay, the latter is primarily thanks to the French Open, so that's probably excusable :D.

No, didn't go anywhere over the weekend. Kinda knew that would happen actually... Spent the entire time feeling sorry for myself as this would be the last weekend before getting back to the ship and hence was as lazy as was humanly possible to be :|. This is why I don't do office rotations in the latter half of my breaks :-<. Oh well, I'll be off again in 2 days. Am a little concerned with rather tight connections in Istanbul in Dubai. But the agents 'assure' me that the time would be sufficient, let's see...

Feeling: lazy
Listening to: Snow Patrol - It's beginning to get to me

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