Monday, 21 July 2008

Three days in Rome, and more :)

I'm happy to say that yours truly is alive and well :). And for those who wondered, the hostel bookings were all good. The hostels themselves... well, they were hostels :). After a week at the Renaissance in La Defense, a week in YHA hostels, mostly in far flung corners of Italian cities, is quite likely to provide a stark contrast. Oh, but what a week it was :).Monday morning we finally landed in Milan (well, at Bergamo actually, which is a fair way outside the city, but hey, Ryanair is cheaper than a train ride!!). Since then it was a giddying trip punctuated by spectacular sights and spaced with cross country train rides... Milano Centrale - Venezia Santa Lucia - Firenze Santa Maria Novella - Pisa Centrale - Roma Termini :D. Okay, so not quite cross country, but long enough to allow us a little bit of time to let the days sink in. For the rest of the time it was an absolute overload :).It's a shame that I'm in no shape to actually go into details at the moment, but I'll get there eventually. Unfortunately the public transport situation I found myself in, in Rome, meant a night spent at the Leo DaVinci airport and no sleep despite the hostel bunk I'd reserved for the night :-<. And then of course barely 4 hours at home last night as I arrived late and departed early. The trusted combination of the window rolled down and loud music kept me from driving off the road this morning on the way to Shantiniketan, but there's nowhere near the requisite level of energy or enthusiasm to do any sort of justice to my fantastic six days in Italy... Currently: about ready to collapse, but still grinning :D
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Anu said...

*grinning widely too*
I still remember it like it was yesterday! Sighh... Italy!

Yes yes, I'm alive. And yes, that email will come. Project got over, now I can breathe (and sleep).