Wednesday, 6 August 2008


This should be it! The last step in becoming a proper coxswain. I just wish the course wasn't quite this tough :-<. Don't get me wrong, the whole driving around and even the mucking around with engines and stuff's pretty cool. It's just that after a couple of 13 hour days, the stress is beginning to take its toll. Well, thus far today it has been only 9 hours. Unfortunately we need to go back.

So here's the thing, we need to have some night-time exercises. By which they would mean darkness is a pre-requisite. Unfortunately, this is Norway, in summer :|. Yes, you've got it, it hardly ever gets dark! So now we're gonna head back to the boats at 11 pm. And hopefully catch that fleeting hour or so when it gets almost dark :|. Of course, after we head back around 2 in the morning it's still a 7am wake up :((.

And I thought I was feeling tired even before I got here :-<.
--It's been almost 2 years since my last course here in Kristiansund, and not much seems to have changed since :). Well, I should correct that, I can still recognise most things... with slight (and sometimes not so slight) changes. The one thing I was not expecting, though, was running into Richie at Oslo airport. For those who recall, he used to be my first boss, till about a couple of years back now... Good times, those :). And as luck would have it, one of the instructors happens to be Stan, the first coxswain I ever went out in a work-boat with! Such is the world of seismic :).

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Hemamalini said...

Whoa! You bumped into Richie AND Stan!
You must have been super excited to see Richie considering that you were his groupie and all that :))

kray said...

it was definitely fun :)

prajna said...

I remember Richie, you liked him !!

kray said...

:D thank you for being such a faithful reader Prajna :)