Monday, 27 October 2008


Boy, am I ready to be outta here or what?! Over a week, and we're still here, alongside in Singapore. The days we spent in dry-dock were actually pretty cool! What with the ship getting a complete fresh coat of paint on the outside.And then there was the floating. And since this was a floating dry-dock, all they need to do, really, is fill up the walls with water, and it starts sinking, ship and everything included! Which was a pretty cool deal, except, it is really really slow :|. But yeah, at the end of it when they went checking around the boat for leaks (No kidding! They really do that!) they found none, so I suppose that was a good thing :P. But the engines were both still practically in pieces, so we ended up getting towed over to a dock close by.Now I'm wishing we'd never left dry-dock :|. The last few days have honestly been complete madness :-<. At least I managed to go into town a few times, when I wasn't too busy feeling dead, or sorry for myself :P.Even found one of these awesome 500 Gig portable 2.5" hard disks! No more deleting other stuff to make space for fresh photos! Which, seeing how I've managed to shoot past 11 thousand clicks on this cam, is happening quite often now on my 120 Gig portable :(.

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