Friday, 7 November 2008

Wide open spaces

I'm beginning to like this longish transit a little bit. Almost a week since we left Singapore, and the boat's finally beginning to look more like itself, on the inside :). For one, I don't have to lock my cabin door every time I step out! Plus, levels of craziness are beginning to show signs of dropping below outright mayhem. (I'm sensing not everyone will agree with that last one :|.)

Crossed the equator the other day. My first time, even though I've actually sailed in both hemispheres. Just hadn't actually crossed the line in a boat before. And there was remarkably little ado on-board. I was quite bummed to be honest. It's not something you do every other day... Though of course in effect, it's not like you notice much. It's a fair while till the water starts swirling the other way...

Durban seems to still be about a couple of weeks away. In the mean time, I'm not particularly unhappy with the alternate 25 hour days. The days are almost uniformly super-bright-blue, with cotton ball clouds and a steady southerly breeze, as we head in an almost straight line from a point just a little south of Nicobar to another just a little south of Madagascar. This is about as close to being in the middle of any ocean as I've ever been. I like it here :).

Currently: steaming to Africa!
Listening to: David Gray - We're not right


Sriram P said...

there was no crossing the equator ceremoney with King Neptune and his Trident? Thats such an irony..

kray said...

=)) tell me about it!