Monday, 12 January 2009

Flying through the night

What is death like? I try not to dwell on that question. But every now and then, sometimes on especially disappointing days, I like to think about it. And since usually this is an attempt to alleviate the mood /:), here is what comes to mind. A feather lifted up on a column of warm air. A silent sigh and elevation. Above the murky surrounds. Needless to say there is never pain or fear :).
The whole world just comes alight, woah!
Moving through the air and you have no cares.
Feeling: deferred effects sinking in
Listening to: Moby - Ooh yeah


vishnoi said...

u'r state: for you to be the happiest living person, u want to drop dead instantly..
what u should do: u should know u want a drink :)
what u can't do: drink up on a ship (i hope so... its so on the rigs :(

Hemamalini said...

You sound like Kahlil Gibran's prophet. Read his views on death. Think its there online.

I, on the other hand think it will be quite painful and fearful. Unless you have a drink before that, yufcourse :P

kray said...

@ vishnoi: =)) yes, it is true on a ship too :-<

@ hema: :D well, this is not what I think of death... it is more what I wish it were... sort of