Tuesday, 11 August 2009

5 down! 1 to go :)

Whoa!!! I'm here!! (Okay, I've been here, i.e. in the US, for a couple of days now :D.) And thus far it's been pretty cool. NYC, or what little I saw of it seemed impressive. New Haven, where I am right now, is probably exactly the opposite of the typical huge bustling metropolis, and therefore, about the best place for a much needed unwind :).Right that's all I have time for, and this'll probably be it for a while. I will definitely pen this story though, I just hope I remember how it unfolds by the time I get to it... :) In the mean time, one observation. There seem to be a lot less people in general, walking the streets, plugged into earphones of some sort, I quite like that, I suppose people find there's more to listen to without having to resort to iPods? Then again, I might be wrong :).

So with that, I'm out for what is most likely the rest of this holiday that seems to have fallen through a little fortunate gap in my otherwise often shit luck with timing :).

Currently: on a proper holiday!!
Listening to: Daniel Powter - Song 6


Akshi said...

Nice pic :) Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun.

kray said...

we did :)