Sunday, 6 June 2010

Too early for the countdown

Why do I even bother? Making plans as long term as two months into the future that is.
We're getting a lot of dark squalls these days. Precursors no doubt of a prolific hurricane season.
It's almost been a week since I got back on board. The biggest news is that it appears we might not make it to the end of the trip out here in the Gulf, thanks to BP's ongoing catastrophe. Oh well.
Would it be too much to ask for peace and quiet?Currently: still here
Listening to: Radiohead - Black star


Yana said...

Alas for me I know for a fact that my trip will be as far away from any peace much less quiet =(

At least for the first 3 weeks or so.. (Dry Dock + Deployment)

joven said...

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AppuApe said...

Well well... what a discovery this is!! I figure this is a great way of connecting!!
Havent yet got a hang of your blog... but it indeed is interesting!!
What i like the most is the end of each blog "currently - " and "listening to - "