Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Sing along to songs you dont know

It's been a quiet couple of weeks :). For the most part anyway. Barring the couple of Friday night (mis?)adventures that is :D.

Oh!! Oh!!! Completely forgot about the last day - last show viewing of Inception :D. I figured I might as well take the last chance (for the time being anyway) to satisfy my curiosity regarding the mystery of the white sleeve :P. And of course I promptly figured out how even that does not necessarily prove anything. Then again, it's just a movie, so.

There was the US Open in the mean time. And I'd been watching quite a few of the matches. Was rather surprised to see Nadal fly relatively under the radar all the way into the finals! I was all set to watch it Sunday night, then of course they had to postpone it. Managed to have a pretty good time watching the match last night, all the way until the rain break. After that of course the time difference and work in the morning meant the I only heard of the Career Slam this morning :-<. I wonder if they'll show a replay of the match today.

On a side note, browsing through some player stats the other day I came upon a rather intriguing bit of info. Anyone remember Nicole Vaidisova? Young Czech girl that back in the '06 French Open blasted her way past Mauresmo and Venus in consecutive matches! That obviously made me an instant fan. However, as usual, I lost track and it turns out she retired earlier this year! At 20!!!! And here's the kicker, the reason was "due to a lack of interest in tennis"! I guess when you take into account the fact that she started at 6, that's already 14 years of tennis! Who said starting early is a good thing then?

Most importantly though, I'm finally into the last week of my stay here this time! Phew! I'll be honest and admit that there really wasn't a whole lot of careful planning that lead me to do what I do for a living, I mean, not really. But there are times when I'm extremely glad it is the way it is! Imagine me trying to do an office job full time! Recipe for disaster! Big time :|.

Been listening to a lot of electronicky stuff these days, múm, Bonobo, Gui Boratto, Chicane, Boards of Canada, Etro Anime, Ellen Allien... Side effects seem to include but are not limited to comfy isolation from everyone and everything else at work, weird dreams, the fact that I actually remember said dreams, more or less happy thoughts in the absence of any thread or structured thinking, surprised and sometimes amused stares from passers by on the street at my ill-advised attempts to sing along on my way back and forth from work... So mostly good stuff then.

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