Friday, 15 October 2010

Surviving on Giants, and not much else

I've been better. Then again, I've been worse. But not often and not by much. It's getting better though. Sort of. I have a little breathing space. The fact that I have no idea when I will touch dry land again isn't looming as large in my mind as it ordinarily would, or should I suppose, 'cos I'm simply too tired to go into the implications.
Flashback to the start of the month, and I was quite happily surprised to find the entry into Saudi Arabia and the subsequent trip out to the boat, which was tied up alongside Jeddah at the time, to be quite painless really! Much better than Angola, thankyouverymuch! The first day of steaming out of port was expectedly peaceful.Things sort of went downhill from there. I was so deep into the deployment muck that even the fact that my newest trainee (and only helping hand on shift) has a name starting with X, didn't strike me till only yesterday. I needn't have bothered, he assured me that X.Z. were perfectly common initials. Numerous even :|.It's hot here! And this is well into the nice and cool part of the year, apparently!

I've been reading a bit these days. Starting with the time I was at home really! Haven't finished a whole book in less than a day in a couple of years. But just had to get through Second Foundation double quick on my last day home just so I could carry the last two Foundation books with me when I left. It helped that I didn't remember much of the details from the last time I read them all, over seven years back.

Unfortunately it's been down to a couple of pages a day just before I pass out over these last weeks. I think I've said this before. I like the four other books of Foundation better than the original trilogy, somehow :).
Oh well. It's comforting to feel the muted thunder of the guns reverberating through the boat to reach me in my cabin, which is about as far away from any outer bulkhead of the boat as physically possible. Sweet lullaby. The better part of a year, we are supposed to be here. Oh boy.
Oh! Been taking some pictures! Not many. Just enough to keep the shutters from sticking shut with disuse :). It's Durga Pujo time back home.

Currently: wishing I could catch up on some of that sleep I've lost these last 2 weeks!
Listening to: Chicane - From where I stand

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