Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Män Som Hatar Kvinnor

Looks like the snow's causing a bit of drama up in the European region. Which is a shame, imagine the kind of snowboarding that could have happened in January! And that is a shame because, contrary to all my expectations, it appears that I wont in fact be returning to Norway next break.Or at all, quite possibly. Not for office rotations anyway. Of course, there are still a lot of ifs and maybes and so forth. Still, I'm now wondering if it was an oversight to not have carried those two bags back home the last time. I wonder how long they'll remain in the narrow confines of that store room shelf in Asker.In the mean time, I've managed to get about halfway through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (they should have kept the name Men who hate Women, like in the original Swedish, if you ask me). So far it's a pretty gripping read. You know, the kind which if you try reading in bed before you go to sleep, you end up wide awake an hour later, cursing yourself for having missed that precious hour of sleep! But the artifacts of translation remain. I'd really like to know Pippi Longstocking a little better, for instance :|.I'm quite looking forward to reading the whole trilogy, but I realised with a jolt that I hadn't anticipated the immediate future travel possibilities too well. I left the third book at home, but I'm not sure if I'm heading back there before June even!!! Oh well, such is life :-<. (I wont even go into the amount of time I'll possibly have to spend apart from my cameras...)But between the two Larssons, the Hornby and the new Samit Basu (of Simoqin fame) I picked up in Mumbai airport on the way out, I should be set on the reading front for at least a significant fraction of whatever time it takes me to get back home. Oh! And there are those last two Empire books that I am quite likely to get my hands on before long :).
Clearly, work's been not awful thus far :). That wont last too long, I know. But hey, this first week's been infinitely better than the last one!

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budhaditya said...

i am prolly in the same spot as you are in the first Larsson novel :)

kray said...

:D ki re? tui to koto age shuru korechhili na?

have you got the other two?