Friday, 31 December 2010

Turning another page

So it does rain in the desert, it would appear :). The blindingly bright blue skies have disappeared for a bit and rolling thunder heads have blanketed the world in a deep grey. We are almost exactly halfway through this trip, and almost through with another year. This has been a somewhat odd one :).

For one thing I've had the most fun ever travelling while on office time :). And somewhat unexpectedly so, seeing how the last ten months in and out of Oslo have been strung together by a fortuitous (and sometimes not so fortuitous) series of coincidences. It was almost as if I hung around another year for no particular reason, but had some fun in the bargain...

I'm beginning to lose my sense of time a little. On the one hand it feels like it was hardly any time back that we were blasting down the highway to Key West. On the other, so much seems to have happened since! Road-trips, snowboarding weekends! The drama with the lost wallet =)). Oh dear, this is beginning to feel all too familiar.

Things I wish hadn't happened, happened anyway, and left some of us a little different. Or a lot. I'm still no good at saying the right thing. But at least sometimes it's enough to just be.

And a lot of time spent in hyperspace :). I'm glad I've started reading a little more these days. I think I have anyway, it's hard to keep track, the way I keep weaving in and out of books. But like they say, there's always so much more, just waiting. I think at this point the only non-optimal for travel thing left in my packing is the fact that I don't have an electronic book reader. And I'm glad that is so. Somehow I can't bring myself to let go of the comforting and endearing feeling of the paperback :).

There's also been a lot of new music. I should listen to more of it!

I am looking forward to so many things in the coming months. And of course, I'm wondering what it'll be like in another four or six months. My life that is. If there's something of use I've learnt this year it would be that there's no point wondering how the last year was :). There's never quite anything to compare with, is there?

On the other side of the edge of midnight I'll be busy bringing in 2011 hard at work on the back deck. I wont be the only one, and to you lot I've got to say, this too shall pass!! :) And to everyone, wish you all a happier, brighter New Year!

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Maria said...

Happy New Year, and all the best in the new one :)
I think I know exactly what you're talking about here...

kray said...

:) thanks!