Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Strings that tie...

I know there's been no solid reason to expect otherwise, but I was kinda hoping I'd not be this clueless about how things would work out by now :|. Yes, we grow up, and then realise it didn't do any good :).

Looks like the little break in reading's given a new lease of life to my enthusiasm for Larsson's Second :).

In the mean time I decided to attempt further craziness. A half-marathon row. (Isn't it ironic? I row on an indoor-rower set up close to the bow of a ship, inside, of course. It even points the right way!) End result? A highly respectable time (in my own opinion only, but still!), and cramps in muscles I didn't even know you could possibly cramp :|. Felt good though :).

Almost into no-mores. Should be a good thing shouldn't it?

Currently: in-between hopes and rocks
Listening to: Vitamin String Quartet - Be my escape


Marshall Lynch said...

the sun and the sky was very beautiful.
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Maria said...

Far into the no-mores myself, can't wait to get off!
Good luck there :)

kray said...

off the boat yet?!
and thanks :) ... getting close now!