Thursday, 14 February 2013

The choices we make

It would seem, one sure thing with change is that it is sudden. Even when it isn't it surely appears that way. Sometimes there's even a choice. But when you think about it you wonder if there really ever is. I mean who would refuse something only because it would cause change? Yeah, some people, I guess. :)

Had things gone on as they were supposed to, I would be just about getting started with the packing, heading back to the boat. Shame, would have managed to see Namibia. Haven't actually been to a new country in well over a year.

Now I have at least a month at home. Well, half of that is gone in a hurry. It was a little strange getting back behind the wheel here again. :) Too much driving in, shall we say, somewhat different driving conditions. Bit ominous, that. Seeing how I don't expect to drive in India for the next few years.

Bottom-line is, my boat days are over. For the foreseeable future anyway. Who would have thought? :) I didn't! I never thought I would be ready to stay in one place for long. Still don't, but then, I'm never really ready for anything till it's all over me, so who knows.

Be nice to land in Norway in the summer I guess. And afterwards, there's all that snow to look forward to...

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Hemamalini said...

Ooh landlubber ..congrats! (?) :D