Monday, 6 May 2013

Putting together the pieces

This past week's been a bit busy. Who knew living in one place is such a hectic business? However, it is more of a one time thing, I am told. For one thing, finding a permanent place takes a little more than just wishing.

Anyway, in between that, the bank and work, the mid-week day off almost disappeared unnoticed. I did manage to finally visit Drammen though. Close as it is to Asker, you'd have thought I've have made it sooner. Seemed like quite a nice place. One that needs to be explored some more.

Yesterday I finally managed to get my hands on that bike I'd been looking for! Took it out for a spin this afternoon, and from the early signs, I am extremely happy to once again own one of these. My third bike, but the first with gears. And disk brakes :D. I imagine hope this one will see a bit more action than my last one did, back in college :P.

Currently: feeling the after effects of a 6k run and a 20k ride :(
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