Friday, 24 July 2015

Grass, clouds and sky

Things change slowly so you don't really notice. No big steps, just a gradual flow. But when a bend in the river takes you within sight of another bend from your past, you see then, where you were and where you are. How far you have come :). Is it so important to know exactly how you got from there to here? Maybe. Either way, it's nice to notice the change :).

Fluffy white clouds and blanketing grey ones. But in between, bright blue and sunshine. Once I've reconciled to the weather, the summer is going quite well! Golden sunshine, green grass, blue skies, deeper blue water. Although it's turning quite inky dark blue in the evenings these days. Even when there aren't any clouds. I wonder how much of the day will be lost to night by the time I am back. And how tall my recently mowed grass will have grown :).

I am at a bit of a loss with the packing to be honest! On the one hand I am going home. Well, to my parents'. What used to be referred to as 'home home' in times past, but not exactly certain that quite applies any more. The thoughts are a bit under construction on that one. Rather like the underpass they have been building next to work for well over a year now. I mean you can see things are changing, but it never seems anywhere closer to getting fully done :).

Anyway, I finally decided to take some books, very few clothes and that's about it. Oh right, passport and toothbrush too :D. I've decided to try this trip plug-in-music free. The idea is to try and get out of all the habits that had ended up making travelling such a chore, merely an attempt to get from point a to b in the least time and discomfort possible. Maybe it is time to start noticing the journeying again.

Currently: excited and hopeful :)
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