Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Ah joy!

:| I've just been handed a scarily and confusingly long list of flights that is supposed to cover an astounding five and a half months starting now! As if things will remain as predicted for that long anyway /:). But in the mean time, I'm supposed to be boarding 16 flights between 8 different cities operated by 8 different airlines and remain airborne for a hopelessly depressing eighty-eight and a half hours :-<. And the really scary bit is that these are in fact probably some of the most straight forward flights you could possibly get.

To think that at some point of time not too long back I used to actually quite like flying :(. Oh and if you look closely even this isn't a complete list. Not unless they want me to swim from Kolkata to Perth sometime in September :|.

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Listening to: Radiohead - High and dry

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