Tuesday, 31 July 2007


I said! I said it couldn't possibly work! I can't even begin to explain how frustrating this is!! (Too bad you can't talk right into Blogger, at least not yet anyway, 'cos I just spewed quite a magnificent string of undecipherable sonic outbursts that would have done the job perfectly :-<.)

I'm talking about plans. That have been shredded to bits. Then pulverized, and the remains set on fire. Have I mentioned that I hate courses? They do all sorts of things. They get in your way, they make you fly halfway across the world quite unnecessarily, and exactly when you don't want to. They make you turn your office schedules (and other things that might be significantly more important) on the head just so you can apply for visas. And once all that's done, and everything is in place (not to mention lengthy and elaborate flight plans drawn up) then they go and get themselves cancelled.Can I please go now? Please? Where? Oh anywhere... the South Pole rings a bell, is there a course there? #^@$*@&#%!!!!

don't even go there X-((
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Anu said...

Sigh. I know.

But... hush.
*directing a cool breeze towards you*
Things work out... somehow. One way or another.