Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Ups and downs

:) Oh boy.

So I'm back home, and by the time I got here the eye was back to relatively normal dimensions. Close enough so you wouldn't notice anyway. Of course it's not like it hadn't had enough time :|. Anyhoo. It was the usual summer Kolkata, hot humid, sticky and still. I was quickly reminded that this is the kind of heat I can take easily in my stride. Not the kind prevalent in the North West Shelf even close to winter, in the absence of wind :(.

The book thing is getting seriously addictive. But try as I might, I couldn't refrain from buying one in Changi :|. Having been genuinely impressed by one Hornby, I decided to go for another. High Fidelity. I think this one's been made into a movie as well, hasn't it? But I haven't seen it, so haven't the slightest clue about the plot :). Should be fun.

Had a very strange couple of flights back. Must have dozed off, can't remember most of either! As I said, very unusual. Must be why I woke up at the unheard of hour of 8:30 am yesterday! And then proceeded to spend the rest of the day wondering about it...

Anyway, so this morning I woke at a much more regular 10 o'clock and found a bomb waiting in my inbox. My Norwegian work permit's been granted, but. (Ah yes, the omnipresent but :(.) First I have to get an entry visa to Norway! I was like "What?!!!! And when where you people going to lemme know?!! Like after I got hauled off to jail or deported by immigration when I landed up?!!!"

Thankfully, NO immigration happen to know what they're doing, and within the first minute of my call to the embassy in Delhi they knew what I was on about. Which, given my state of mind was probably quite an admirable thing. And all I had to do over the rest of the day, was find the consulate in Kolkata, hand in my stuff and then get asked to sit around twiddling my thumbs for a week. Or ten days. They weren't specific. Now my flight out of here is exactly ten days from now, so it's definitely cutting it real fine :-<. Oh well, if not, there's always last minute delays extending my vacation :P.

Some readers may or may not have noticed how suddenly half way through the season my posts on Fantasy football disappeared :). That was right around the time we shot off on the Kiwi road trip, and the lack of attention over the busy Christmas period (that's my excuse anyway :D) saw my rank take a headlong plunge into the 30's (from the mid teens I think)! Now this weekend marked the end of the season, and some how or other, I'd managed to claw my way back up to 16th :D. And yes, at some point I did get Cristiano 'pretty boy' Ronaldo back. There really wasn't a choice :(. I figured what with the enthusiasm of the start, the thing deserved at least a mention at the end :). There's always next year :D.

Earlier this evening I was out for a bit of a walk for some reason or other. At some point, I noticed that I'd left my phone behind. The wind was picking up in sudden gusts, an almost definite precursor of sudden summer thunder showers we call kal-boishakhi's in these parts. Sure enough, not long afterwards the downpour began. God knows how long it's been since I've had this much fun out in this city. Or felt rain water this warm, relatively speaking of course. And probably the first time I've intentionally got drenched in the rain in years :).

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Akshi said...

Hey, checking your blog after sometime. Good to see the long familiar posts about visa issues :P. Yes, high fidelity is a movie, starring John Cussack I think. Its not very good though, atleast from what I remember.

kray said...

hey! after some time indeed! :)

yeah, visa issues and me... :-<