Friday, 2 March 2012

New sails in old waves

It's been 3 days and now that we are finally under way, things have calmed down. Only a little though, mind you :). I can't say I've managed to settle in completely, but I've made something of a start.

Crew change itself wasn't without a hint of drama! I haven't worked this close to home in quite some time, so the flights were not long. However, upon arriving in Singapore it became evident that I'd fallen through one of those cracks that often appear when there's altogether too much going on. For some, I had appeared quite on time, for others, a whole day too early. Still, Changi airport isn't the worst place in the world to have to wait around in for half a day. I do speak from personal experience :|.

As for the new ship, I really must say that the photo does not do it justice. The Western Spirit, despite its looks from that particular angle, has its moments. The first day or so, I spent religiously getting lost on every deck. And although I can't be sure, this boat seems to be even more convoluted in its stairways and corridors than others. By now, however, I think I've got my bearings more or less right :).

We are currently sailing through the Malacca Strait. And the crew's religiously on pirate watch :). This isn't quite the Horn of Africa though, so things aren't too dramatic. In a few days we'll be in Myanmese waters, more of the familiar settings. As familiar a one stretch of water can be compared to another I suppose :).

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