Sunday, 18 March 2012

Slipping knots

It's that time of the trip again, when time slows down to something of a crawl. Something I didn't honestly think would happen at all this trip. There seemed to be a very real chance that the whole thing would simply whoosh by me and I'd suddenly find myself getting ready to leave! Wishful thinking, in a way :).

In another way, this is good. Time enough for exploring - music, stories, theories. Randomness. The idea that different ages bring different patterns in thought probably only needs to be explained to the young (relatively speaking, of course).

Numbers count, and where the accumulated years point to a lower number, certain discussions, shall we say, take a turn for the more bizarre, often hilarious and almost always entertaining :). It appears that here, twenty-past midnight is that time of the day. Or night, rather.

The patterns are slowly solidifying. Past patterns have merely an incidental influence. Each present has its own rules. It's the sense of impending doom that does me in. Well, not doom quite in the doom and gloom sense of it :). More like the LOTR fate sense.

Single digits now. And as the trip plays itself out, sometimes slowly, sometimes in a hurry, so is the book. There are hurried progressions, and pauses to catch a breath. Sometimes evilly fantastic, sometimes less so, always troubling. I feel like Shadow, nothing's quite as surprising after the beginning. That hurt, the rest is just a wild dream! I am hoping I'll finish it before the week is over.
The Iceman is back :). And the ton of tons finally done with. I remembered to notice each happening. Moments ticking along, some more significant than others. Although the significance is merely a thoroughly subjective construct. All in all, life is good, and rope is way easier to braid than hair :).

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Listening to: Los Amigos Invisibles - La vecina


Maria said...

Is that DJ in the background of the OYO plotter? Are you still using that OYO plotter?! :D

kray said...

:) yup, on both counts actually! why's the second one news though? :P