Thursday, 25 April 2013

Images of twilight

It moves quietly, for an unimaginably large, seething, constantly boiling ball of fire. It spreads slow fingers of light between the most unexpected shadows. I'm beginning to realize that I'll have to re-learn keeping time in the evenings of the Norwegian summer.

There's a price to be paid for the chance to go 'why not' too many times in a row I suppose. Sooner or later.

I should play music more often in my office. It does have a door, after all. There's also this sweet set of speakers with proper heart-stopping bass the last guy left in there!

It's rather like a grandmothers' tale, but every now and then I look at some shadows and this irresistible feeling takes root in my mind. That one must keep a close eye, or the shadow will come alive. It probably means no harm. Just wants to stretch its limbs a little.

They are usually long, the shadows around here :).

Currently: keep hearing this in my head, over and over, "Hvorfor ikke?"
Listening to: BT (ft. M. Doughty) - Never gonna come back down


Hemamalini said...

Yes, watch out for the norwegian woods. They tend to grab your feet if you don't mind the gap :D

kray said...

=)) nice.

still haven't read the book though...