Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Enter, Shadow

I'd started with the Bryson, you see. Short flights don't do much for reading, but long waits in airports do. Still, in the humdrum of the last fortnight I haven't had much chance to so much as look at it. Or at that surprisingly handy copy of A Short History of Nearly Everything that I managed to grab in IGI Terminal 3.

And then the other day I noticed the copy of Gaiman's American Gods, hulking on a shelf around the last corner before you step into the mess, kinda by itself. And I was reminded of the last time I went back and forth between the two. Thunderbolt Kid was what it was. Reality with a little faint sprinkling of the fantastic. Neverwhere, on the other hand, now that was imagination on steroids!

So here I am, thumbing through a rather bruised and abused copy. Wrinkled and dog-eared :(. But barely a fifth of the way in, the scope of it all is astounding. Shadows in a storm, indeed. I have, however, learned not to let books keep me up too late on a boat :).

Ever feel you reached just a little too far out? And no matter how much you try to reel yourself back in after, there's always that question. Did I burn that bridge? Or am I just over-thinking it? There's a reason why I hate first impressions.

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